Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you didn't watch the Hawks game last night, you're a jerk. Plain and simple.

Patrick Kane hit a hat trick, Dustin Byfuglien deliberately punched a guy in the face, and the Hawks pulled out a gutsy effort to finish off the Canucks: 7-5.

First of all, who the hell scores 7 goals on Roberto Luongo? That's just unheard of. Some weird puck bounces definitely played out in our favor (watch Kane's second goal), but scoring 7 against Luongo - let alone 7 in a HOCKEY PLAYOFF GAME - is already insane. Way to take advantage of the Power Play.

Speaking of play, talk about high octane! I don't think I've ever seen a game with that much action, insanity, or generally efficient play. Sure, we had our fair share of guys splattered against the boards (and vice versa), but it was generally clean play with minimal stoppages...except for goals anyways.

Speaking of that Byfuglien punch, skip to the 1:15 mark to see what that looked like. Well, it was actually more of a "guy skates into my fist" sort of thing, but it was still pretty funny. Other notables include a routine shove that resulted in a Hawks player getting caught in the door hinge, and some plays that are not yet on YouTube showing guys getting up-ended.

Great game, bring on the Ducks/Red Wings.

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