Friday, May 1, 2009

Holy Crap

Can the camera show Garnett for 5 seconds without him saying "Motherfucker?" Is it possible?

As much as Keggers claims that these games are going to give him a heart attack, I think I was actually having some legit palpatations while watching Game 6 yesterday. I would normally attribute this to an unusual combination of food and beer, but today is special. Today, boys and girls, is just another day on the road to Game 7, and last night's game was batshit crazy.

#1. Did anyone actually expect Rondo to get tossed? I know basketball is a game for fucking pussies, but tossing a guy into the boards is a flagrant - nothing more. That said, I LOVED seeing Aaron Gray come out of nowhere to pseuco-protect scrappy lil' Hinrich from big bad Rondo after the initial scuffle - it's like some lightswitch clicked on in his skull. "AARON PROTECT KIRK FRIEND! BABY RUTH!!!"

Skip ahead to the :25 mark to see the moment in question (and skip some painful Celtics footage). Also, did you know that it is impossible to get a non-custom Aaron Gray jersey? I seriously spent an hour looking yesterday before gametime.

#2. Rondo is racist. First Miller, and then Hinrich? What do you have against the white man, Rondo?

#3. We need to bash Ray Allen's kneecaps. Look, we tried doing this the honorable way - we tried every defense VDN knows (so...two), and we even resorted to (gasp) doubleteaming Allen at one point. He still dropped 51 on us yesterday, including yet another "Oh My Fucking Lord Just Kill Me Now" three-pointer to send us into yet another OT. I just can't keep thinking that we're going to win with less than 10 seconds remaining only to have Allen or Pierce make me want to kill myself. Seriously - name your price.

#4. Brad Miller doesn't need a working face to play. Say what you will about how ugly Miller's face was after getting Rondo'd earlier this week, but Miller doesn't need a working face to get the job done. 22 points doesn't seem like a whole lot in 3 OT, but when you realize Miller was 5-5 from the line, 2-2 for three, and 8-9 shooting anything else, there wouldn't have been anyone else you wanted to touch the ball with the game on the line. And, with Miller's game winning FT, it worked out just like that.

#5. Joakim Noah is OK with me. After that monster block on Pierce followed by the big dunk (and a foul!), I just can't stay mad at his gaffes. Sure, his methods are unconventional, but you can't argue that he is a giant bundle of energy just waiting to erupt at every chance. Also, the fact that he looks like a crack whore every time he opens his mouth is an extra bonus.


I seriously cannot wait for Saturday night's game. The Bulls are playing with everything they've got (including VDN's shitty gameplan), and it's still tight against a depleted Celtics team. Still, one of the most insane series' ever, with a gametime to OT ratio of 2:1. Sick.


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