Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dotel Loves The Hugs

"Michelle, I meant to tell you this earlier,'re a total bitch."

Octavio Dotel - foreign, loves cigars, cockfighting and...our president?

Sure looks that way, as Dotel asked president Obama for a hug while they were in Baltimore, and got his wish:

"I saw the opportunity to ask for a hug," Dotel said after the team returned to its Baltimore hotel. "He said, 'Of course.' that was really nice of him. He knows a lot about us. He noticed that we've been playing well lately. He's a big fan. I can tell he really enjoyed (the visit)."

Look, I don't know about you, but even as a White Sox fan, I would be thinking serious security breach if someone lets Octavio Dotel come at you with his arms wide open. He may be the Dominican version of the Dos Equis guy, but that doesn't make him any less insane.

"I don't always smoke cigars, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."

Still - pretty badass that the leader of this country is a Sox fan. Yes, I know, we should be over it by now, but it's still so fucking cool.

In other news...

Sox Win. The universe listened to me - Anderson was back at the bottom of the lineup, Thome was given the day off again and Fields was moved to DH while Betemit played third. The result? A White Sox winner, ladies and gents. A far more mysterious move was that after Anderson went 0-2 with a walk, Ozzie put in Jerry Owens...who did nothing. How much do you have to hate Brian Anderson to put in Jerry Owens? It's like sending your mentally retarded kid to take the LSATs - you know it's not going to work, but you think if you just try and force it a bit maybe you'll get lucky.

Other points of interest - yes, Lillebridge is fast, but he cannot hit a fucking baseball. Pinch runner. Send Owens to go work at a Pac Sun or whatever failed baseballers do and call up Nix. Nix can play the infield and he CAN HIT. Owens can do neither of these things. Lillebridge can then become the "supersub" (he can play CF, sure, what the hell) and pinch runner. Gavin Floyd pitched like shit, and got extremely lucky that his 10 hits only amounted to three runs. The bullpen promptly went into lockdown mode, and the Sox took 6-3 winner.

Cubs succumb to reality. 10-0? Really? That's pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. Ryan Dumpster coughed up 5 ER to the DIAMONDBACKS - you know, the team where the 3-10 hitters aren't over a .280 avg? You just put those guys on the map.

I especially like the "relief" pitching. If you can call it that.

"Oh no, Carlos Marmol will save us because we hated that Kevin Gregg guy! He'll shut down the bad Diamondbacks!"

Oh yeah, he'll shut em down - by making them tired from batting around the order. Four walks, 4 ER and only one out? Great showing, Carlos.

"Oh, Kevin Gregg is the closer now! He's the best! We like him more! Put in Gregg!"

Really? Two outs for Gregg, but he coughs up another run. That gives all the "pivotal relief" players (Marmol, Gregg, Patton Samardz...whatever) astoundingly bad ERAs above 6.

This is the year, for sure.


Keggers said...

It's pretty awesome that the leader of the free world is a Chicago white sox fan. So much so, that he'll let scary Dominicans give him hugs.

Gepetto said...

I don't see any possible security issues with this in the future...