Thursday, April 23, 2009


I thought the Dong nation would enjoy my afternoon exchange with the TPC via gchat.

Lucky fuck is going the Bulls game tonight, probably courtside (he mooched a friend of mine from college, cheap fuck can't even find his own hooked-up friends).

I've also taken the liberty of annotating the conversation for your reading pleasure.


me: you read bill simmons today?
great fucking article
TPC: i cant wait to streak on the court tonight with nothing but my dong shirt on
awesome, simmons is hte man
im so happy the bulls are playing the celts, its great
me: dude - make sure to take some pics of yourself at the game in the dong gear
at least 5 pics
I should have given you some shirts to give away or something...
TPC: i dont have dong gear
maybe ll write on my shirt
*(The TPC is poor as shit. He would have to sell his fan (no AC) or his mini bball hoop (no real hoop) to afford a dong shirt. We are classy, motherfucker.)
are we friends?
TPC: i know
me: have you heard of my blog?
TPC: you're my best friend
i am the dong
i plug it more than your asshole
me: Nice

TPC: there is nothing i like more than the dong
me: What about dudes?
TPC: i actually brought it up in coversation over pesach
i didnt tell you
*(We are both filthy Jews, if you didn't know)
my womens cousin is a popular blogger and I told her about my own blogging experiences
shes like really thats great what blog?
and with a totally straight face i told her luolsdong the premeir chicago sports blog
she coughed and was like what?
TPC: and i repeated luolsdong the premier chicago sportsblog
it was awesome
TPC: i told her to add us to her list of blogs she checks
shes got a maternity blog
me: Great fit
*(What do martha stewert, maternity and the dong have in common? That's right, big black cock. )
TPC: can you imagine martha stewart childrens place and the dong?
me: Sure can.
TPC:im pissed i didnt bring it up at the seder
why is this night different?
cause im not checking the dong
me: but it's not different, cause you probably plowed some dude after the seder
TPC: it was the longest stretch ive ever gone without the dong
me: it's semantics, really, but I'm pretty sure this conversation makes you gay
TPC: lol

Everyone keep an eye out for the TPC at tonight's game, wearing a home made dong shirt, probably wrist-deep in some random dudes asshole.




Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Wow. That was even more homoerotic than most of the shit I write on here. And I write about sausage a lot.

"We are filthy Jews" = potential t-shirt idea?

Gepetto said...

Oh, definitely. I'd say Jesus mud-wrestling is a good start.