Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Humpday Indeed

Interestingly enough, a Google search for "failure images" popped up the Cubs at #3.
I don't even want to talk about the Bulls right now - the wounds are still fresh, and I don't claim to be much of a basketball analyst. I'll say this much - we took a shitload of bad shots, and we were lucky that as many of them went in. The Celtics stopped taking shitty shots somewhere around the 3rd quarter, and look what happened. Goddamnit. I'm going to leave that miserable recap for someone else.
Instead, I want to talk about all the things that went WRONG in yesterday's White Sox double-header (most notably, because it wasn't a Bulls game).
#1. Anderson in leadoff. I know Chris Getz is hurt, but you have to be fucking kidding me. Anderson is just fresh out of the doghouse, and went 0-4 in the first game. So bat him leadoff in the nightcap? You must be insane. Leave Anderson in the 8 or 9 spot to see what he can do. If Getz is still hurting, put Fields in leadoff, or even AJ - they're both seeing the ball real well right now.
#2. Fields is a butcher in the Field. Look - we tried Fields at third. It's just not gonna work. He doesn't charge the balls he needs to charge, doesn't grab the grounders he needs to grab, and ultimately doesn't have much else going for him other than a strong arm. Try working him in the OF or as DH to give Quentin/Thome a break every now and again (such as yesterday's games) and play Betemit or, frankly, anyone else. Our pitchers will thank you.
#3. Poor performance. 2 hits and 2 errors is not a way to win a ball game. Frankly, Colon pitched better than expected and we got really lucky that Seattle couldn't get it together in game 1. In reality, we shouldn't have one either game.
Also, one scary trend that keeps rearing its ugly head is that no matter how shitty the pitcher is, if the Sox haven't seen him before, we flail away and look bad. Case in point, Chris Jakubauskas (just rolls off the tongue, right?) was looking at a 7.00 ERA before the game. What happens? Barely two runs, and the guy pitches a complete game.
Well shit.

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