Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not unlike that Henry Rowengartner kid

Well, since Keggers took the baseball analysis, it looks like I've got the REAL scoop from yesterday - Derrick Rose, Rookie of the Year.

Come on, say it with me: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. It just rolls off the tongue, right? It's been a while since the Bulls have had a RoY (Previous Winner: Elton Brand. Remember how he only played two seasons for us before spending a decade with the Clippers? Yeah...), let alone since CHICAGO had a RoY (Most Recent Winner: Urlacher in 2000).

Derrick Rose embodies all the things that should get you excited about a young star. He's got speed, he has insane talent, he puts up a shitload of points, he wants the ball (winners always want the ball), he makes his team better, and his teammates can count on him in the clutch. All are excellent traits.

But what about the intangibles? Behind every great player is some weird story. Kobe has his "proving-I-didn't-rape-her" diamond ring, Jordan had his gambling habits, and Tony Kukoc once killed a hobo just to say that he could*.

Derrick Rose brings his A-game here too, as he has the infamous "stabbed yourself in bed" story. Sure, it's been beaten to death, and it's not nearly as good as "I shot myself trying to hide a gun" or "my wife beat me up," but damnit, it's our very own. There's a very fine line between "intriguing" and "batshit crazy" and right now Rose is riding that line like Jack Haley's ass rode the bench.

Much love to Mr. Rose in all of his future accomplishments, and keep your eye on the playoff prize - if we don't win today, I have to buy booze for the office. And I sure as hell don't want to pay for a legion of drunks.

* Not at all true. Much love, Tony.


stalkingerinandrews said...

I was out of town for a few days, so I'm a day late correcting you, but Patrick Kane did win the Clader Trophy last year.

Gepetto said...

Yeah, I saw that - I also saw that Soto won RoY last year.

I could give a long and drawn out explanation to why I omitted that key information, but for now, just assume I'm right.