Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kevin Gregg is full of shit

I didn't forget to shave - some guy didn't give me free razorblades!

If there's one thing I can't stand it's when people make excuses. Even worse is when people make REPEATED excuses and drag other people into it!

Case in point, here's Piniella's comments after Gregg fucked up save chance #2:

"Gregg is our closer; I said that last night," Piniella said Sunday. "Look, I found out an interesting piece of information on Gregg that I didn't know about. And that's that once I get him up and don't use him, his knee tightens up on him... I won't use him at all in the eighth inning because he sits here. And then he goes out there and his knee 's a little tighter in the ninth."

OK, so he's old and he gets tense. I suppose that's grounds for one mistake or so...but wait, what's this? After another blown save, Piniella blames...Koyie Hill!?

“You can’t walk as many people as we did from the seventh inning on. You just can’t do it. You’re going to lose,” said Piniella, who was most upset about the Duffy walk — for the pitch selection as much as the result. ”Get the ball over the plate. Make the other team beat you. Period.”

Piniella called Hill into his office after the game to make the point clear enough to be heard out in the clubhouse: Don’t fool around with secondary pitches there; make Duffy hit a fastball.


Leave Koyie Hill alone.


stalkingerinandrews said...
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stalkingerinandrews said...

Gregg is our closer; I said that last nightIs this a common phrase to say in Chicago?

Rex is our quarterback

Nikoli is our goalie

Roland is my senator. I may be headed to jail, but he's still fucking mine.