Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Around the horn and Bulls basketball

Most exciting match-up in the NBA

Is anyone else excited for the game tonight? My balls are twittering...

If not for the game 3 shitfest, this would be the most consistently awesome series of all time. Every game has come down to the last second, even in OT. Both teams have cold blooded killers (Allen, Gordon), and young emerging stars (Rose, Rondo) along with compelling storylines (Garnett, Rondo averaging a triple double, Thomas and Noah coming into their own). 

The series is tied 2-2 and we'll need to win a game in Boston to get to the second round. I don't love our chances in game 7 at the garden (their fans are ferocious) so our best bet is winning tonight and then closing it out at home - taking 3 in a row from the defending champs.

I'll be live twittering during the game (www.twitter.com/luolsdong) and should entertain you all with meaningful insight and important observations.

Around the Horn:

-Lance Briggs pulls a Derrick Rose (here)
-Joe Noah earning some much deserved respect around the league. Great article on his generalawesomeness and how everyone hates him (here
-Ben Gordon says fuck you JoBu (here)
-Iglesias likes the Bears, the Bears like Iglesias (here)
-Dan Haren owned the Cubs last night (here)
-If you like weird videos, this kid with no arms or legs just (shockingly)  lost his first MMA fight (here)


stalkingerinandrews said...

Is anyone else excited for the game tonight? My balls are twittering...Do they have a separate Twitter account, or do you share the same one? And if all your balls are tweeting about is semen, I'd rather not know.

(ironically, my word verification is "seman")

stalkingerinandrews said...

And what the hell is wrong with the comment formatting? I double spaced before I started my comment.

Keggers said...

Twitter is for losers. What's a seman?

The TPC said...

Joe Noah is the classic player you love when hes on your team and hate when hes off it. his antics are sometimes too much, im often cringing anytime he goes near the ball on offense. Norman has dubbed him the big circus and I have taken to referring to him by that moniker. I would like to enact a dong edict that he is from now on referred to only as the big circus or simply Joe.


Also, while we're talking about the big circus wtf is up with his freethrow shooting form, if I was his coach I would waterboard him until he stopped.

I dont even want to know what keggs would do but im sure it would probably resemble the old broom up the ass method he used with gepetto.

Keggers said...

The Big Circus. Outstanding. TBC dubbed by the TPC. Irony.

The TPC said...

heres a preview of keggs live twitter tonight.

Keggs- the opening tip go4es to the bulls

Keggs- wow the big circus looks really cute tonight, has he been working out

Keggs- man bg looks ripped

Keggs- I dont want to sound like a queer or nothing but I really want to bang bg

keggs- oh yeah end of the first quarter

Keggers said...

I wish I were that articulate in expressing my homoerotic desire for Ben Gordon and Joe Noah.

Listen TPC - we all know you have a babydick. I know it's rough for you and the kids tease you and you have some ED trouble to go along with your diagnosed "micropenis" condition but that's no reason to project your rampant gayness onto the author of this glorious internet publication.

Gepetto said...

And for those of you that come here for sports coverage, apparently, being a raging homosexual really helps.