Monday, April 13, 2009

Some wonderful tidbits

Perusing the new ESPN/Chicago homepage has been a great way to spend the morning.

Some good stuff:

• Finally, the new Bears left tackle stoked to flames of the Torry Holt rumors, saying he was trying to recruit the free agent WR to join the Bears. Pace said Holt told his friend, "tell Lovie to give me a call". We'll see if anything develops on that front. Holt is said to be receiving heavy interest from Tennessee and Jacksonville.

2) Jeff Dickersons blog.

This is a must-read for any Bears fans. Some bits:
  • Keep close watch on the Bears defensive end position in 2009. Adewale OgunleyeMark Anderson and Izzy Idonije are all entering the final year of their contracts, so it's imperative the Bears begin to plan for the future on the D line.
  • It's been a quiet off-season for former Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. He made a small ripple in early March when he announced an impending visit to Cincinnati. They signed J.T. O'Sullivan. He talked of liking the situation in Detroit. They chose Daunte Culpepper, the two Drews (Henson and Stanton) and maybe Matthew Stafford with the No. 1 overall pick.  But where will Rex wind up? Jets? 49ers? Both clubs have glaring needs at quarterback but will likely select one in the upcoming draft. At this point, you have to wonder if Grossman will sign as a No. 2. He might have to be a third-stringer. However, many organizations don't want to have to pay their third quarterback the veteran minimum salary, which is what Grossman would command. They prefer to pay a rookie salary.

  • Despite the off-season signing of Josh Bullocks, free safety is still an area of concern for the Bears defense. One move made this off-season was to move Zack Bowman inside from corner, but expect Jerry Angelo to also address that position via the draft.

3) 10 Questions with Ozzie (Jim Caple)

6. What is the difference between Cubs fans and White Sox fans?

Wow! Whew. I think White Sox fans come to the game to watch the game and have a little more knowledge of the game. Cubs fans go there to party and drink and sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Then they don't give a crap what happens the rest of the game. They just want to look up and see who is singing during the seventh-inning stretch. As soon as the song is over, they get up and leave.

So Sox fans are more knowledgable?

Yes, because when they sit there and watch a game, I think most Cubs fans just want to be on camera and take their shirts off and drink some beer.

7. Do you have a recurring anxiety dream in which you can't do something or show up late or are naked in public?

I like to dream about Shakira, the Colombian singer, because that's a dream that is never going to come true.

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