Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Contreras bad, reality worse

I endorse Michael Strahan's dental service
We're going to try something called the "compliment sandwich." First, I'm going to say something I like about the White Sox. Then, I will add a constructive comment regarding the team. Finally, I will add another compliment, thus completing the compliment sandwich. Let's try, shall we?
Compliment: The Sox finally optioned Mike MacDougal to AAA Charlotte. Jack Egbert was called up, and really can't do much worse. Good decision by the front office.
Criticism: Holy fuck this was a blowout! I like Contreras, I really do, but if you can't get past the 4th inning, you need to take yourself out of the game. EVERY start he's had this season results in some sort of collapse after the 4th inning. Jose, you're an idiot for pitching when you've got nothing left - build up the stamina. Ozzie, you're a fucking moron for leaving him in past 5 every time because he's just going to cough it up. I would say to give Clayton Richard the 5th starter spot until Contreras can prove himself, but Richard looks like shit, too! Oh, and Egbert? Got beat down in garbage time. Not even an RBI performance can cheer me up. Goddamnit we have a lot of work to do.
Compliment: Uh...Southpaw makes children happy.

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