Monday, April 13, 2009

Bringing the class

Yes - it's almost as good as discovering that Jesus liked the Bears.

After watching the U.S. Cellular "opening video" for the Chicago White Sox, you have to wonder how much these guys really get into it. As a prequel to yesterday's dominating 6-1 victory, the eyes and ears were serenaded with the usual video tribute to Passion, Pride, Tradition, and Completely Annihilating The Opposition to music from the Pirates soundtrack and AC/DC.

I don't know how much the players get into it, but I know that I certainly think it's awesome. Some people think that the opening sequences are lame, and detract from old time baseball. You know what? Fuck you. Our intro sequence is absolutely badass. You get pumped, the players get pumped (hopefully), and you really get the impression of "We Will Fucking Kill You" that the video successfully represents.

You want an old-timey introduction? What, like having some drunk-ass hobo yelling "WOO" before and after every noun? Then maybe instead of the shirt above, you'll be seeing a lot more of this shirt during games in October:

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