Monday, April 20, 2009

What The...

Odd man out

I must be dreaming - we have two teams in the playoffs, and two other teams that aren't sucking? The only team that isn't playing well is in the offseason? Holy crap!

Well, optimism aside, we're not as good as the playoffs are making us look. The Celtics are missing KG and have been playing like garbage anyways. If Pierce is off, yeah, we can beat 1/3rd of a legit playoff team. With any luck, we beat the Celts before they figure it out, Philly to knock out Orlando...

...farfetched, but it's a start. Also, can we talk about how good Derrick Rose is? Yowza!

One Goal indeed! Havlat's winner in OT was just the beginning, as the Hawks have been keeping pressure on (currently series is 2-0). The Hawks haven't looked this good in a long time, ans as much as I miss Savard (yes, I'm probably the only one), Quenneville has taken us to the promised land with a MAP.

Somehow, the Cubs have managed to overcome every lousy pitching performance with a late inning game winning homerun by Alfonso Soriano or Aramis Ramirez. Every week. It's the strangest thing, and very un-Cub. I'm not saying it's weird because it's clutch (which it is), but it's weird because that's just not the way that the Cubs usually try to win ballgames. That whole "pitching wins" thing and all. This is normally the part where I go off on a rant about how the Cubs fans are douchebags for booing Marquis, but I'll save it for later.

You know something weird is happening when Alexei Ramirez draws walks but can't hit, Brian Anderson has an OPS of .500 and Mike MacDougal has a spot on the roster. Okay, maybe that last one deserves its own category (seriously - can we not groom a better reliever than that shitbag?). Even so, Dotel and Linebrink have been better than solid, Bartolo's Colon has been better than expected, and Getz actually looks like our own version of Charlie Hustle. I'm loving this.

We got Cutler - they can be uninteresting for the next 4 months and I won't complain.


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