Friday, April 17, 2009

Havlat? OT? 12 seconds? Yes!

Like many hockey-disenfranchised chicago sports fans aged 15-35, this is the first season where I've had the opportunity to watch exciting Blackhawks hockey on TV.

Bill "Hitler" Wirtz refused to allow the games to be broadcast on that newfangled television thingy for as long as I can remember (and over 40 years) and the only way to watch the games was to buy tickets. Genius idea to keep the stadium sold out although it completely tuned out an entire generation of hockey fans.

With a young, talented, exciting team in a new era of young hockey stars (Ovechkin, Crosby, etc) and current network capabilities (internet, TV, mobile, etc) it's time to get back on the hockey bandwagon and it's time to get back on the Blackhawks bandwagon.

Khabibulin was amazing last night. Toews is a total stud - love his hustle, he's going to be good for a really long time. And of course, Havlat (after getting sucker punched in the face in the first face-off) completely dominated the game.

Have Lat, you scurvy!

Bottom line: hockey is cool. No reason to hold a grudge against the new blood for previously crappy ownership. Embrace the Hawks. Life is good. Twitter my balls.  ....mmmmm yes.



The TPC said...

Nice post kegsquad, I wish I could get into hockey but alas no can do. I like the hawks but ill never seriously follow them.

Keggers said...

If you had watched the game last night, you would be singing a different tune. The UC was amped up, the crowd was awesome, the game was awesome... you just gotta give them another chance. Great article on ESPN/Chicago on Rocky Wirtz today too (