Friday, April 3, 2009

A Glorious Day

I can't have any fucking sugar!

There really isn't a whole lot to say that hasn't already been said...

Some quotes around the sports world:

From Jerry Angelo:

“We had a big day as everybody knows,” Angelo said during a conference call with the media.

“We’re very happy with the outcome. It just all came together, and really it came together unexpectedly.”

“We looked into it. We just felt like in our best interest looking now and in the future, we can’t minimize the importance of the position. We’ve talked about that. I know personally it’s been something that has been my goal for the organization and felt this was the right thing to do.”

“I’m speaking from my perspective—I’m not speaking for Denver—but I feel that what really facilitated this trade was that Kyle was part of it,” Angelo said. “The draft compensation, given what I understand, was very similar with other teams. But they like Kyle Orton, and I think that was part of it. And I can see why they like Kyle. Kyle for us in Soldier Field had a 15-2 record. So I don’t want anybody looking at this that this was a move of desperateness. It certainly wasn’t.”

From KSK:

That sound you heard was Brandon Marshall putting his hand through another TV.

From Gene Wojciechowski at ESPN:

Chicago is a Bears town, much as Denver is a Broncos town. Cutler is accustomed to that kind of pressure. But now he'll have to deal with not only the expectations, but also the price paid for those expectations. He is either going to be the guy who leads the Bears to greatness or the guy who cost them their future.

Cutler got his wish -- to be an ex-Bronco. Now he has to do what he couldn't do in Denver: take the Bears to the postseason. Anything less, and this deal is a failure for Cutler and Angelo.

From Len Pasquarelli:

Certainly, the trade of Cutler would be among the most notable in the past 20 years.

"I think to call it a once-in-a-lifetime deal is probably [overstatement]," said a personnel man from one of the several franchises that bid for Cutler's services but lost him to the Bears. "But once in a generation? Yeah, probably so. It's tough enough to find a [good] backup quarterback out there. So you can see how rare it is that a guy like Cutler, somebody with his credentials, would be on the market."

But with the combination of age, accomplishment and potential, a quarterback of Cutler's ilk hasn't been available in the past 20 years.

Really, you have to pinch yourself because players like that, and particularly at that position, simply aren't on the market," the NFL personnel man said just hours before the trade was completed. "It just doesn't happen in this league.

...So in terms of impact and significance, if not raw numbers, the Cutler trade almost certainly ranks among the most notable in NFL history.


Very simply, this trade will define both franchises for the next 50 years, both players careers and the legacy of both GM's.

There is no middle ground: Either Cutler is great or he's not. If he's not, then he's a small upgrade over a young (and improving) Orton and cost us a mortgage on our future.

I like the trade, as I wrote a few weeks ago, and I think Denver got a good deal out of this mess (no Cutler headache, a good, young "system" QB, 2 first round draft picks and a third rounder).

On our side, this is a once in a lifetime deal. There were plenty of other teams lined up to pull the trigger with 2 first round picks. Kudos to the Bears for uncharacteristcally finding a way to get the deal done and having the balls to take a big swing. 

I couldn't be happier. Don't have to worry about the QB position for the next decade. Don't even need to think about it! We've got a great young core (Cutler, Olsen, Hester, Forte) and an aging defense that needs a chance to win now. We can make a run this year and next year and STILL have the youth to rebuild with Cutler 5-7 years from now. I also don't want to hear any shit about his attitude - sure he's a total douche but with 4 other Vanderbilt guys to anchor him, a player-friendly coach like Lovie and a team filled with veterans, I think he'll be just fine.

This is the most excited I've been for the Bears since getting Thomas Jones and John Tait in the same offseason. Let's not forget, the Broncos traded UP to get Cutler 2 years ago... it would have cost the Bears a pick or two to just get in position to get a guy like Cutler. Instead, we get a dog who's already been housetrained by the Broncos and is coming off a pro bowl season. 

Close your eyes for a second (take your hand off your junk) and imagine this: "Cutler, play action to Forte, pumps to Olsen over the middle, FINDS HESTER DEEP!!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!"

Let me reiterate:


Hopefully F.A.G can come up with a witty Cutler T-shirt soon so I don't have to go buy another Bears jersey.


The TPC said...

Keggers, it is indeed a glorious day. The bears are in a position to own the NFC North for the next five years and can finally throw the long ball.

Ive creamed myself so many times, im bleeding!

David said...

randy moss went for a 3rd rounder and cutler goes for TWO first rounders AND a third?!?! what an overbid. whats more curious is how little orton was valued by both teams. its almost as if he was worth negative value to each team. rumor has it the broncos asked for one first and third rounder for cutler (roughly his market value), but the bears didnt want neckbeard around and demanded he be included. the broncos only agreed to take him after the bears chucked in a SECOND first round pick. i suppose first round picks arent so important if they are being used on players like enis, mcnown, benson, and olsen.

Keggers said...

I hate you David.