Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And NOW we can start

I suppose you could say we have a bias here towards the White Sox. Well, I don't care what you think, because we're SO equal coverage. The fact that there was no baseball post until the Sox home opener? Unrelated. The fact that I'm acknowledging the Cubs only because they lost today? OK, maybe.

Sox - 1-0 - 1.000 win percentage - best team in the AL - etc etc.

A very clutch homer by Thome seals this one up. Great effort from the bullpen, Chris Getz, and Josh Fields (who had a bunt single AND a great defensive stop). On the flip side, DeWayne Wise has shown no reason why he should be in the leadoff spot, and Buerhle didn't have much in the way of control (3 BB and 2 HBP in 5 IP). Still, it's better than the opening day line of the last two years where the starter went 1.2 IP with 6 ER...etc etc.

Oh, and hitting that homer off of ex-Cubs lunatic Kyle Farnsworth? I'll take it.

Cubs - 1-1 - Not as good.

Cubs lose a heartbreaker in extras to the lowly Astros. Hilariously, today seems to be a showcase of Cubs chokers. First Farnsworth coughs it up in the Sox game, and then LATROY HAWKINS gives up the tying run! Oh, and then there's the CURRENT Cubs chokers like Cotts (who has been consistently awful for the last two years...why does he keep making the roster?) and new acquisition Kevin Gregg.

Frankly, I'm confused by the Box Score that Yahoo! is currently showing. According to the box, Cotts pitched exactly one inning (the 9th) and gave up a run. Then, in the 10th, Gregg gave up a walk and a hit (no runs) and the game ended. This makes no sense, especially since Cotts got pegged with the loss. I have to assume that there were inherited runners for Gregg to botch.

How long until fans are clamoring for Marmol to close?

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stalkingerinandrews said...

Cotts gave up 2 hits to lead off the bottom of the 10th, then Gregg relieved him. So Cotts was responsible for the winning run.