Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going Down in Flames

Just a few more goals to go

Round 2, baby!

Not a whole lot to report on the game - the Hawks took a quick lead in the 1st period after quick goals by Kane and Adam Burish (who?), and mostly played defensively for the rest of the game. Sure, we tacked on two more goals (hey look! Brian Campbell did something!), but you know you're not going balls out for shots on goal when you only take 16 shots in the entire game. Interestingly, the Hawks (finally) took advantage of the power play to get two goals - amazing how effective that is! LET'S TRY THAT MORE OFTEN, PLEASE!

To contrast, Calrgary played like we had an empty net and the puck was made of shit. 44 shots on goal, and while the majority of them weren't particularly good (augh! Get the shit puck away!), Khabibulin let only one through and generally held his position as the "Bulin Wall." Likewise, Byfuglien put in a great all-around effort to help - great puck movement, good control, a couple assists, and even a late goal (OK, it was an empty netter, but still). And he's still pretty bi-fugly.

Looks like the Ducks are coming up next - they have a filthy defense led by Pronger and Neidermeyer, but we should be able to shut down Getlaf and the rest of their front line...especially if Khabilibulin can keep his A-Game up.

Come on Savard - lead us home.

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