Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get off my stage, peons!

Michael Jordan was elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday.

As obvious as the nomination is, it's tough to see real closure to MJ's career. For one, it means the formal end to the best Chicago athlete of all time. Secondly, somewhere, deep in the recesses of my heart, there was always a chance he would come back and play for the Bulls. He's un-retired 3 times already...

I got an email from my buddy JD (who for some reason goes by "Spanky")  yesterday, and I thought I'd share with the Dong nation: 

" He walks on water. What a total slap in the face to Jordan. Barely a mentioning on any sports network prior to today about the NBA Hall of Fame inductees and he had to share the stage with Stockton, Sloan, David Robinson, and Vivian F'ING Stringer. How dare they make him share the stage with anyone. The NBA needs Jordan in the Hall more than he needs them. If Jordan wanted, he could create his own Hall of Fame and make it bigger than the NBA's. How many players in any sport can we say that THIS person was definitely the greatest to ever play? Tiger? And that's GOLF!

Knowing that Jordan was playing on TV gave me the chills as a kid. He was absolute perfection. All we do with sports athletes today is compare them with Jordan to try and convince ourselves that they are better or bigger than Jordan was to appease ourselves of the crushing truth that Jordan will never play again. "

And this guy isn't even from Chicago.

It's been said and written more times (and more eloquently) than I could summarize but essentially, Jordan was the greatest athlete of all time. He changed the sport he played in and changed all of sports as an industry. He is and will always be the benchmark for all great athletes in any sport, forever. Fin.

Unfortunately, I couldn't organize these photos chronologically (damn you blogger! I don't have 10 hours to cut and paste picture code!) but this is a nice trip down memory lane. I tried to pick some memorable shots... I really get goosebumps looking at these. Vivid recollection. You look at the pic of MJ, Pip and Rodman and it literally takes you back...

Jordan signing his rookie contract with Rod Thorn. You could have added 5 zeros and he'd still be underpaid.

One of the most dynamic trios in sports. Ever.

I don't know too many guys that have their own shrine...

Thank god he didn't sully himself with the lowly Cubs. I still believe he would have eventually turned out to be a good OF.


Coming out party in 88 Olympics

Poor Ehlo... forever posterized.

For the last time, he did NOT push off you fucking cynical bastards. Greatest last shot ever.

6 times!!


His most memorable moment on the Wizards. I believe that's Mariah Carey. 

The saddest picture of all time.



The TPC said...

nice post keggs. When I think about Jordan I realize how lucky we were to grow up with him. From the ages of 9-17 he won 6 times and completely dominated.

Also, FYI dong readers, keggs had the most unbelievable shrine to Jordan in his room, unfortunatley he took it all down and created a shrine to ryan seacrest.

Gepetto said...

Funny story about the Seacrest shrine - the Jordan shrine was originally held up just by tape, but as Keggers reached puberty, he found a much cheaper an natural adhesive for his Seacrest Shrine.


Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Best post on here in a while. Glad to see you writing more on here bro. PS Sox win