Tuesday, July 29, 2008

$70 Million! Deng, thats a lotta money!!

Luol Deng agreed with the Bulls in principle to a 6 year, $70+ Million to remain the face of the LuolsDong (and also to play for the Chicago Bulls).

"Wallah bontu inginni focu, giddo showa supunta!" said an excited Deng, clearly indicating his desire to score more points and eat more birds.

Here at the Dong, we were worried that we might have to change our namesake and infamous logo but alas, good things come to those with 12 inches. Flaccid.


Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Wait...so we don't get to use "Mike's Ditka"?

Gepetto said...

Or Noccioni's Baloney Poney...unless someone comes up with a worthy logo