Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'll let Wikipedia Handle This

So, there's talk of the Cubs getting their own TV station ala the Yankees' YES Network. While most people would say that you just can't get as much programming outside of the baseball game (like you can with the tradition and pride of the Yankees), I have to disagree.

First, the Cubs have a LONG-STANDING tradition. Can you guess what it is? Here - I've bolded the important parts from the Cubs wikipedia table of contents:
Oh, you can bet that they have this tradition thing down pat.

Here's a sample of Monday programming on the new Cubs network, CURSE TV:

3:00 - Blame It On Bartman. Premise: Callers report incidents of misfortune that have happened in their life, and the events are somehow blamed on Cubs fan Steve Bartman.

4:00 - Goat Hunting. Premise: Join lunatic Cubs fans as they break into farmers' yards to kill as many goats as possible, hoping that each one will bring them one step closer to "breaking the curse."

5:00 - Blow Random Shit Up And Hope For The Best. Premise: Take random Cubs memoribilia from a tragic season (any item will do) and make a big fuss about blowing it up in a bar. This week: Jack Brickhouse's femur.

6:00 - Cubbie Boo. Premise: Game show where contestants are shown videos of old Cubs games, and must boo in timing with the video. The winner is the contestant that boos loudest. Notable clips include a pitchout attempt, not throwing back a homerun ball, and a coaching visit to the mound.

7:00 - Cubs Game. Premise: Watch the "loveable losers" play a game of "baseball." Highlights include hot drunk chick, 7th inning stretch, and panning to other hot drunk chick.

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