Thursday, July 31, 2008

BREAKING: Griffey to the Sox

I wonder if these gloves come in black...

Sorry to crap on your post, Keggers, but, well, holy shit.

The Sox are getting Ken Griffey Jr.

Currently, it is unknown what the Sox are giving UP for Junior (my guess? Nick Massett and a AA prospect I've never heard of), but I wish we had done this LAST year when it made more sense. Griffey can't play CF any better than Swisher can at this rate, and the corners are locked up with Quentin and Dye.

If there's another trade in the works to free up a spot, I would be surprised. It's unlike Kenny to alter the team much. Likewise, I know how much of a hard-on Kenny has had for Griffey over the years, so I imagine he's not going anywhere.

Stay tuned.

(Oh yeah - and maybe Favre will DH)


Anonymous said...

Nicely done on the call of Masset. I thought for sure they'd have to lose one of their top pitching prospects.

Gepetto said...

I was right on the second part with the AA prospect...except I HAVE heard of Massett