Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sox vs Royals

In light of the current Sox-Royals series, I thought this was appropriate: (click on "Royals Fan")

We also know the Royals fan who got busted on this, so it's even more funny. He's a close friend of my buddy Tank.

Also, if anyone stayed up to watch the Sox game last night, it was most awesome. Thome is starting to heat up and Ramirez is proving to be even better than advertised. We don't need any farm-fire trades to make the playoffs (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Free feel-good Cubs picture of the day:

Seconds earlier, she was overheard discussing the merits of having a leadoff hitter with high OPS versus OBP and whether Carlos Marmol would be able to close if Wood got hurt down the stretch. Typical intense scrutiny from a self-proclaimed "seriously dedicated Cubs fan".


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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling those peanuts aren't going to stay put for long after she wakes up..classic