Thursday, July 31, 2008


Report: Packers consider sending Favre to division rival news services
Updated: July 31, 2008, 9:27 AM ET

The Green Bay Packers, unable so far to trade Brett Favre and facing his arrival at training camp, are reportedly considering taking a step they desperately wanted to avoid: dealing him to a division rival.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, citing a source close to the situation, on Wednesday reported the Packers were considering seeking a deal with one of their rivals, most likely the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears, if all else fails.

Are you fucking serious?? First of all, if the Pack are forced to keep Favre in the NFC, they should really try to avoid dealing him to a DIVISION RIVAL that they'll end up losing to TWICE next season. Adding Favre to either the Bears or Vikings almost guarantees that the Packers won't win the division. Worse, the arch-nemesis Bears are actually preferable to the Vikings in terms of Favre's impact.

He'd be a great mentor for fellow reckless gunslinger, Rexington Grosswald and might make Booker/Hester/Bradley look serviceable.

As much as I hate this drama, I'll be first in line for a Favre/Bears jersey.


stalkingerinandrews said...

I'll be first in line for a Favre/Bears jersey.

Didn't the Bears retire Harbaugh's number?

Keggers said...

Yes, if by retired you mean doused in fecal matter and sent to Indinapolis...