Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surprise! Bears are going to suck.

Excessive force! Excessive Force!

For anyone who is already itching for fantasy football season, Yahoo came out with their "Juggernaut Index" this morning, ranking teams on their fantasy value (so, essentially only their skill position players, QB, WR, TE, RB). Keep in mind this ought to have no direct correlation to the Bears W/L record.

Not surprisingly, the Bears rank DEAD FUCKING LAST at 32. I get the WR part (I mean seriously guys, Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd?!?) and I certainly understand the skepticism at QB. Some folks are bullish on rookie Matt Forte (as am I) but if he's in your fantasy starting lineup, you are probably fucked. [Note: I am a total sucker for preseason hype. It gets me every year. I was the conductor on the Benson bandwagon disaster and I have been known to endorse other sub-par preformers including Kevin Jones, Vernon Davis, DeAngelo Williams, and Fred Taylor (but only while he was injured). Hell, I even liked Rashaan Salaam when we drafted him.]

A few personal thoughts on our offense:

1) If Mark Bradley turns out to be half as talented as everyone thinks he is, he should pull in 50 catches and 3-5 TD's as a WR3.

2) Matt Forte adds a pair of soft hands to the backfield that we haven't seen since TJ left. Don't underestimate Ron Turners affinity for screen passes and short routes underneath. He loves that shit. With Chris Williams bolstering our line and Greg Olson keeping MLB's/OLB's honest, he might have a chance at 60-70 REC's too (remember, Peterson had ~50 last year in shared time).

3) Rex will have a "good" year. This totally makes sense- he always does JUST enough to keep the Bears from getting rid of him. He's done this every year he's been in the league. In order to keep his job after the 1 year contract he signed, he'll need to throw 20TD's with less than 15INT's... he will probably do just that (and nothing more).

I don't disagree with putting the Bears at the bottom of the league in terms of fantasy impact. Our skill players suck. Perhaps if there are enough internet articles to persuade delusional Ron Turner to get some help at these positions (sign Koren Robinson?), we might not completely dismiss the Bears on draft day.


Marc said...

I am glad to see that the DONG is back. It now gives me something to read while at work. Keggers did you forget about the defense? The bears can not be dead last in fantasy impact while they have Urlacher on the team. I am sure they will have a top 15 D this year. I am not sure who they lost or gained.

Anonymous said...

Also glad to have the Donger back. It would be nice if the Bears could actually run screens, but I don't think I've ever seen an actual screen play run correctly. It most just ended with Andy Heck 15 yards down field pancaking Darren Sharper while the A-Train was knocked off his feet for a half-yard gain.

Keggers said...

The Bears D is a good point- they still look stacked and get a lot of healthy players back.

Personally (and sadly), I think Urlacher is going to be at 50% all season and beyond. Neck injuries are the real deal. The dude couldn't WALK 3 months ago.

Dr.C- I also have those nightmares now and then... but for every A-Train-Wreck there is a solid Thomas Jones or Adrian Peterson 15 yard gain. It's also the max distance Orton can throw, so it needs to be a big part of the offence.