Monday, July 7, 2008


This All-Star game is total bullshit. The entire AL team is comprised of overrated Yankee/Red Sox players (6 of 9 starters batting, both closers and 2 reserves). It's insane! I'm not going to dissect each pick but there are a few that really piss me off:

Joe Mauer, C, MIN and Jason Varitek, C, BOS

Take nothing away from Mauer, he's a really good player with consistently good numbers. I just feel compelled to note that he has the lowest number of at-bats for any healthy starting catcher in the entire league. The guy sits once or twice a week, every week. Regardless, I have no issue with him starting... what I DO have an issue with, is fucking shitty overrated crapface Jason Varitek keeping our boy AJP out of the game. AJ is an every day catcher on a first place team hitting .296, with 33RBI, 39R's and 7HR's. Look at Varitek's joke of a season: .218, 27RBI, 18R's and 7 HR's. Unbelievable. He even got benched last night against the Yankees (one of their biggest series, I'm sure you've seen the highlights taking up 90% of ESPN this past week). Fucking miserable.

Derek Jeter, SS, NYY

Jeter is batting .281 with 37 RBI, 5 Steals and 4 HR's with no other stats worth mentioning. Obviously Michael Young should be starting (.292, 46RBI, 7HR).

JD Drew, OF, BOS and Manny Ramirez, OF, BOS

Drew is having a great season (.299, 61R's 16HR's 51 RBI) but so is Jermaine Dye (.308, 51R's, 19 HR's 52RBI). Both are having a better season than All-Star incumbant Manny Ramirez and Dye is the best hitter on the 1st place team in the AL central and 4th best team in the entire league.

Don't even get me started on the pitching... -cough- Gavin Floyd -cough- John Danks -cough- since I'd totally spend the rest of the day ripping into the crappy staff on the AL side.

So, let's stop whining about it and vote JDye into the All-Star game.

UPDATE: Looks like ESPN agrees in their poll:

1) Who was the biggest snub among AL hitters?
91.9% Jermaine Dye, White Sox
3.6% Aubrey Huff, Orioles
2.8% Nick Markakis, Orioles
1.2% Johnny Damon, Yankees
0.6% Hideki Matsui, Yankees

This article also echoes some of my sentiment.



RLK said...

Dear Keggs,
First of all, Varitek is a bum. However, he was not benched last night. He got the night off b/c he can't catch the knuckleball. Secondly, it would be impressive if JJ Hardy got the other spot -- considering he plays in the NATIONAL LEAGUE. God, I'm smart.

Gepetto said...

Where's Miguel Olivo when you need him

Keggers said...

I just got burninated by a potential minotaur.

Anonymous said...

I really hope JD doesn't get picked. I would rather him lay his up ass up at a ramada in bridgeport drinking MD 20/20 or something

Anonymous said...

oh boy...up ass up...gonna be a long morning apparently