Friday, August 22, 2008

5 Notes From Last Night's Preseason Game


Just some quick tidbits about last night's game:

#1. Neckstacy: Orton put up a very Orton-esque line of 10-17, 147yrds and 2 TD. Efficient, short passing? Sure, and then there was that 55-yarder to Rasheid Davis. Really, it's hard to complain when you get ANY sort of productivity behind the Swiss cheese we call an offensive line. Getting 2 TD's from any Bears QB (with our "intensely taleneted recievers") is just a bonus. Keep it up, and I might have to add a sceptre to that pic above.

#2. Kevin Jones lives! Jones only had 3 carries, but he made them count (especially the impressive 34 yrd gain he pulled). I don't think Jones is healthy enough to be starting (and the Bears seem to agree), but I'll bet we can see a lot of two-RB sets for the Bears this year. Between Forte and the crew, more passing options for Orton to dump off to is a good thing (and KJ has hands).

#3. Daniel Manning is a beast. If anything bad happens to Hester (like letting him play offense...yeesh), Manning looked like a more than capable replacement. Two kick returns for 171 (but no scores) says a lot.

#4. Our defense = ha. We knew Frank Gore was going to sexually molest us - he's pretty much a lock to do it. But pretty much EVERYone who touched the ball on their side of the field averaged 4.5 yards per carry. That's just not a good sign. Also, we got torched by JT O'Sullivan...he's an ex-third stringer on the LIONS for crying out loud! Now throw in the fact that the 49ers were without a good chunk of their TEAM (WR Arnaz Battle, WR Bryant Johnson, RB DeShaun Foster, RT Jonas Jennings, LG Adam Snyder), and it becomes pretty pathetic that we couldn't shut down an already unimpressive team. These guys need to step it up.

#5. Grossman was booed after his first incompletion, and went a paltry 1-4 for 6 yards. Granted, not a whole lot of time with the offense, but it looks like the only "unleashing of the dragon" will be from the bench while watching tape (read: porn).

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