Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Neckbeard Cometh

I'm not sure what I'm leaning on, but DAMN I make it look good!
It's going to be a year of softly thrown short passes and inaccurate mid-range tosses for the Bears, as Kyle Orton was officially named the starting QB. Due to Orton's poise in what we can pretend to call a "pocket" (I prefer to call it a time bomb), as well as his quick thinking (Mean people coming! Kyle get rid of ball now!), we're now in Ortonia, and he is our king.

I'm sure Kyle is studying that playbook hard right now...

"Hey, I'm fucking royalty now or something like that. Who wants to fuck royalty? YEAH!"


The TPC said...

Im loving the picture of Orton with the crown, great job.

Richardson said...

That's a hot pair of tits in front of Orton. Great job on the pic. I'm experiencing engorgement.