Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jose Criptreras

Get off my dang lawn! Friggin' kids!

After a successful 15-day stint on the DL, Contreras took a few steps off the sofa, got in a cab to U.S. Cellular, and promptly ruptured his achilles tendon after running from the mound to first base. My theory? He had just started to get into Mythbusters and didn't want to miss any of the new season.

More importantly, with Criptreras on the DL (again), we're looking for another starter. Rupturing the achilles likely puts Jose out for the entire year, including any playoff games that apply. Not only do the Sox need to make an immediate move to get a body into the rotation, they need to make a secondary move to shore up an exhausted - and ultimately lacking - bullpen. Amazingly, the Sox acted quickly, acquiring Horacio Ramirez from the Royals. Ramirez is having a good season (2.59 ERA, 0.90 WHIP), but we all know how trades with Kansas City for bullpen pitchers turn out. The Sox have sent both Boone Logan and Josh Fields to AAA, so there's two open spots even after Ramirez gets here (although one is expected to be filled by Crede when he gets off the DL).

That said, here are a few options:

#1. DJ Carrasco to the rotation, Sox call up Aaron Poreda to replace Carrasco's long-relief role. Probably the most likely solution (maybe not Poreda, but you get the idea). Carrasco has excelled in the long relief role, pitching almost a full start for Jose today, and has had great success. Calling up Poreda also gives the Sox a taste of whether or not Poreda can fill the long-relief role, give the bullpen some rest, and reward his dominance in AA.

#2. Sox call up Lance Broadway to fill 5th starter role. Clayton Richard didn't work out, so it's on to the next prospect. Broadway has been waiting for his chance for a while, and he could probably give himself a job for next season if he gets the job done here.

#3. Sox call up someone else in a taste-test role. Possible options include Justin Cassell (AAA), Wes Whisler (AAA), Mike Macdougal (HELL), Poreda, Richard, Charlie Haeger, Toma Ohka, Jack Egbert, or maybe even Jon Link (AA). We suddenly have a lot of options!

#4. Sox get another body off the wire. Options include old-school (Freddy Garcia, Esteban Loaiza) and new school (I hear Cedric Benson is available...)

One thing is for sure - Jose Contreras' contract is turning into one of the biggest clusterfuck moves EVER. At least we won't be calling up Dewon Day...

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