Monday, August 25, 2008

Dinner With Ditka

Well, not really. See, we invited Iron Mike to some fancy wine and dine to talk about this year's Bears team, but we were promptly told to fuck off by his media relations personnel. I KNEW we should have changed the name of the blog to "Mike's Ditka."

Anyways, since the big guy himself couldn't answer our questions, we decided to dig into the piggy bank of Ditka quotes for answers.

Luol's Dong: Orton won the starting job, but some are convinced that it's more of an "addition by subtraction." Do you think the media just picks on Grossman?
Mike Ditka: I think it's a wise pick. Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal. What's the difference between a 3-week-old puppy and a sportswriter? In 6 weeks, the puppy will stop whining.
LD: You seem to know your stuff on QB's.
MD: You'll notice I never pick on a player who has a number above 30.

LD: OK, so what about Devin Hester's new contract?
: Yeah, I like that, ... And I didn't mind what he said on TV, either.
LD: You mean his
comments about treating him like an "expensive girlfriend?"
MD: I've never seen a performance like that. The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves.

For more on Mike, check back later

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