Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chicago Olympians

Souwwwth Suuuhhheeeeeeeeeeeede!

With the Olympics well underway, it would be a shame not to mention a great website (Chicagoist) that is tracking the daily achievements of all of the Chicago Olympians in Beijing.

There are the obvious stars like D-Wade and Candace Parker but we at the Dong want to give some share of the limelight to the other awesome local stars, living out there hopes and dreams in Beijing and using an inordinate amount of condoms.

First of all, we've got Christina Loukas from Riverwood, IL, who is not bad looking and may also be good at diving. Or something.

Are you Sure?

Swimmer Matt Grevers is from Lake Forest and won a silver medal yesterday and uh... since I don't want to fuel the rumors that I'm into athletic muscular dudes, here's a random picture of some chick that thinks he's hot:


Christine Magnuson from Tinley Park won silver on Monday in the 100M butterfly. Mmmmmm... butterfly. So much better than the breaststoke. If you don't know what the butterfly is, you probably can't afford it.

This is the most attractive picture of her available online. Trust me. I mean, I'm not saying she doesn't seem cute or anything but just trust me.

With all the excitement, make sure to keep an eye on our hometown heroes (full list here) and let's bring home some shiny necklaces! I volunteer to donate the Pearl variety...


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