Monday, August 11, 2008

Profanity Key To Chicago Baseball Success? Pinella Thinks So

Lou has been doing a great job with the Cubs this year, but what is the story behind this man? We all know about his years in Cincinnati (won the World Series), Seattle (great teams underachieved), and Tampa Bay (dyed hair blonde).

But what do we really know about Lou beyond his ridiculous antics? Apparently his folksy wisdom is what has allowed him to be the glue in the Cubs clubhouse, according to Hank White (Henry Blanco):

“Lou’s a lot like Bobby [Cox]. Only he doesn’t pick his nose as much. He usually starts swearing when he thinks the camera is on him. Good ones, too. I’ve been around and Lou knows some good one. I had no idea what a rim job was until I heard Lou yelling about one at a Fox camera guy.”

Wow. This is the kind of managerial style that you can’t learn from a seminar or a book. So why is this the key to a Championship on the North Side? Simple. It wasn’t until Ozzie went to the White Sox that they won a championship, and everyone knows Ozzie’s profanity-laced tirades “inspired” the Sox. I mean, Jay Mariotti is a faggot, and that fucking kid who wouldn’t bean the guy in Texas never should play baseball again. Bam, World Series. Similar to those things, I’m sure some Fox camera guy should have given Lou a rim job. World Series? I can’t imagine why not. I mean Ron Gardenhire keeps juice boxes in his fridge so players will like him and look how many World Series he has won. Yeah, none.

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impotenz said...

Seems a bit apparent considering the fact that -inside source- has a bit info on the matter of him being wayy into the art scene. But, nevertheless it doesn't hurt to still have the everyday paparazzi lol I love coming across one of these and knowing that something went down, Good stuff on keeping me updated with the media!