Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bears lose, nobody cares.

Visor, but no Cedric.

Recap: Bears lose to the Chiefs, 24-20. Orton started the game and Rex got half of the second quarter. Both had essentially the same game except Garrett Wolfe turned a short pass from Grossman into a TD. Larry Johnson scored a TD for the chiefs (for you fantasy fans... please read way too much into this. Someone does it every year.)

Highlights: 2nd year S Kevin Payne looked pretty sexy and led the team in tackles. 3rd year LB Rod Wilson had a nice INT and The Other Adrian Peterson looked very good in limited action.

Lowlights: Kyle Orton's fumble (which was funny as hell- even he laughed at himself). Oh, and losing to the fucking craptastic Chiefs.


Gepetto said...

Well, if it counts, I cared.

Don't tell me that's all you've got for the day. Gotta go into the weekend on a high note, right?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Payne did not look that good. When they scored their second td he juked on a DAMON FUCKIN' HUARD pumpfake that got them to first and goal.