Friday, August 15, 2008

Eagles Cheerleaders set the bar high

Like every football-starved American, I suffered through the brutal rain-delayed 1st half of the Eagles-Panthers preseason game last night.

45 minute delay because of some fucking lightning? Puh-lease. These guys run into walls for a living, I doubt a little electricity is going to move the needle.

I'm the Juggernaut, bitch.

Not to mention the piss-poor football. McNabb was boring, Delhomme has a spaghetti arm and rookie Jonathan Stewart was basically MIA.

On a positive note, I do have a nice 42" HDTV and very much enjoyed the HD part-most notably the awesome Philly cheerleaders, roughing the elements and showing America what it means to be a real champion. I have always been partial to the Redskins ladies (hell, Chris Cooley even married one), but if this doesn't get you psyched, you should get punched in the fleshy patch that used to be your genitals.

Real American Heroes

A quick summary of Cooley's blog: Greatest. Blog Ever.

A quick summary of Cooleys cheerleader wife:


Since it's Friday (and I heart cheerleaders)... enjoy the now 2nd best squad in the league:

Xerxes: But I am a generous God...