Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

I've taken the liberty of summing up all the relevant Chicago sports news from this weekend:

2) The stupid Royals continue to annoy the shit out of the ChiSox, winning 14-3 on Sunday and handing the Sox their 6th loss in 8 games. That puts the Sox a half game back on the Twins (who welcomed back a healthy FriLiano and won easily) and 2 back on the wildcard. In addition to the 14 runs, the Twins also got some hits on AJP (who is starting to look a lot like Elton John with his stupid hair dye) and we're probably looking at some suspensions next week. The best part of the game was Ozzie going ballistic on the ump... absolutely out of control. He looked like a cartoon character, minus the smoke out of his ears.

2) Steve Smith was suspended for 2 regular season games for going Chuck Liddell on teammate Ken Lucas during practice, breaking Lucas' nose and marking the third time he's gone apeshit on a teammate. Most importantly, he'll miss the Bears/Panthers game in week 2 which is great news since he really enjoys making our D look like swiss cheese:

3) Ken Griffey Jr looks good and plays good in a Sox uni:

4) Paul Konerko is FUCKING TERRIBLE.


Rusty said...

It appears that Steve Smith enjoys buttfucking almost every defense in the league. I still see a 2-75 Bears team for the next 5 years. Don't bother checking my math. It is incorrect.

stalkingerinandrews said...

I heard that the Panthers are going to suspend Smith for the first and third games of the season. John Fox has him on his fantasy team, and wants to see him run apeshit on the Bears again.

Gepetto said...

I'm more worried about a "The Moose is Loose" headline for that week