Monday, August 18, 2008

Rex Got Served

"Ohhhhh! Damn, son!"

The worst part is, Grossman was still the best QB we put on the field Saturday night. In the game against the Seahawks, Grossman went 9/15 for 74 yards and a pick. He missed his mark when he actually had the chance to throw, and when he didn't...well, we know how helpful the Bears offensive line has been as of late. As a result, Grossman got the crap kicked out of him for most of the night, and his best chances to "unleash the dragon" were batted down. He also got cut just below the nose after one too many pummelings.

This is where I would put said picture, but I can't find it. Enjoy Steve Nash's fucked up shnoz.

Needless to say, the papers are loving the QB controversy. You know there's an elephant in the room when you get this comment from Lovie:

"Kyle made some good throws," Bears coach Lovie Smith said of opening half's final drive. "That's the way you like to see an offense execute."

No one
likes to see any offense execute with Kyle Orton at the helm - especially after a very uninspiring night when he went 5-9 for 43 yards. Is our offensive line that bad?

Let's take a look:

Projected Starters:

LT: John St. Clair.
The Bears have so much confidence in St. Clair that they've already spoken to Fred Miller, the guy they CUT earlier this year, to come back and recalim the starting spot. Granted, no one expected Chris Williams to be hurt, but this hole is the biggest (and most painful for Bears QBs).

LG: Terrence Metcalf. Nothing more than Ruben Brown's replacement. If the guy has been on the team since 2002 with an offensive line as "awe-inspiring" as ours, odds are he wasn't just "waiting in the wings for a vet to go down." If he could block, he would have been starting last year. Instead, he's been a perpetual reserve player, and he's now 30. This guy agrees.

C: Olin Kreutz. I like Olin. If only we could clone him, remove his injury risk, and put him in all 5 O-Line spots...

RG: Roberto Garza. You know you have a problem when you get this guy when you search for Garza. Long story short, he is Metcalf...just playing right guard.

RT: John Tait. Tait has been moved everywhere - and the season hasn't even started yet! First RT, then LT, then back doesn't bode well that this is only the second starter I've named, and I'm out of positions.

We're fucked.


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