Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bull Shit

(Can you say baby Brand?)

I know its hard in the midst of baseball season to think about the Bulls, but stop crying, clean out your vaginas and deal with it.

NBA draft is this week and it will have huge implications for the bulls. I know some of you may be thinking that the Bulls coming off a great playoff performance are set for next year, think again.

This bulls team was at best mediocre this year and had a great playoff series against the Celtics (Minus KG). We are lacking in several positions and still need to figure this Ben Gordon situation out. So it kills me to read this in todays tribune, ""We may take a point guard if we feel that's the best player available," general manager Gar Forman said at a Berto Center news conference."

When are we going to learn that doesnt work. We already have a franchise point guard, and a back up point guard (hinrich) why would we waste a first round draft pick on a point guard that will never see the floor?

Ever since the bone head Brand trade, we have not had a bigman that can consistently score. Tyrus, as much as I love him has not developed and Joe Noah aka the big circus will never be a big scorer.

Please Please Please draft a legit big man that can score. And what the fuck is happening with Luol Deng?

(Ben Gordon respecting the awesome power of The Dong and twittering balls)


Keggers said...

We should trade both 1st round picks for a solid low post player and future picks.

We don't need to get younger - we need a solid scorer to take the burden off Rose.

Gotta figure out the BoGo situation and see if Deng can bounce back but I'd trade both those fuckers for Amare in a heartbeat.

Raimy said...

Feels nice to get some Pburgh victory blood on the dong site, dont it?