Thursday, June 25, 2009


I don't care how good the Dodgers have been this year - if you send every pitcher up there to throw fastballs down the heart of the plate, you're going to give up 6 HRs. Best of all, the one time that they decide to change it up and throw a breaking pitch is against Josh Fields...the guy who can't hit a fastball! Hilarious!

As a further testament to our inability to move runners or play smart ball, ALL TEN WHITE SOX RUNS WERE SCORED ON HOMERUNS. That's right - not a single runner crossed home on a base hit, sac fly, or anything like that. If it wasn't out of the park, the runners weren't scoring. The 6 HR were the most in a game since 2004...if anyone cares.

Even better is that this game somehow became close when Jimmy CockGobbler was put into the game. Why is does being a lefty somehow entitle him to a spot on this team? I would rather have a pitching machine out there - at least the machine can throw strikes. Instead, in what should have been a blowout, Octavio Dotel has to get called in to pitch, along with Bobby Jenks (and it's extremely distressing that Dotel has a WHIP of 1.63). What a waste.

And now, here's Paul Gilbert with some astronauts:

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