Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Excercise in Awesome

What's a ZJ, you ask? Let me show you...

In order to better scout the Brewers' ability to defeat the Cubs down the stretch (and with a little help from Agent YoJo), I managed to secure some tickets to Sunday's Sox-Brewers showdown. The game was filled with momentous occasions - Brian Anderson and DeWayne Wise both played the entire game (a first), Buerhle hit a HR (a first), Clayton Richard was a pinch-runner (a first), and I found THE BEST INVENTION EVER while tailgating.
Here's a riddle - what combines beer, boobs, and male bonding without an orgy or supergluing beer cans on a drunk chick? Answer is below!


If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I probably would have invented it later this year (along with the Beer Schlong...which I'm sure you can figure out). This is, bar none, the coolest thing I have ever seen while tailgating. It's not every day that a woman comes up to you from your blind spot yelling SUCK MY TITS!

If that is an every day occurence for you, you're probably an infant and you aren't old enough to read this blog. Also, I am impressed by your ability to read at such a young age.

Seriously though - for having their home field turned into U.S. Cellular Milwaukee, the majority of Brewers fans were pretty cool about us being there. Way to show class, Milwaukee...but I still think your team isn't going to do shit without Ben Sheets or a way to clone Ryan Braun.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the result of that Buerhle homer was:

Hey! Quit raping my kid!


Keggers said...

I cannot believe you got footage of this without video of YOU IN THE BOOBS.

I hate you.


Gepetto said...

She wouldn't let anyone else wear it. I tried, believe me.