Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Always stand by your teammates

Why no congressman, I don't recall eating the old Sammy Sosa...

Ryne Sandberg just become the second ex-Cub that I can tolerate (I've always liked Mark Grace, I'm sorry, really can't help it). According to Ryno, Sosa (and any other steroid abuser) does not deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame due to the "integrity" requirement.

Couldn't agree more, big guy.

You cheat and lie about it to the fans (and the government), you don't deserve to be immortalized as an athlete that represents the best of the game. It's pretty straightforward.

From the NY times (which apparently employs better writers than the Dong):

Sosa, who is sixth on Major League Baseball’s career home run list and last played in 2007, had long been suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs, but until now he had never been publicly linked to a positive test.

At the hearing in 2005, Sosa testified that “everything” he had heard “about steroids and human growth hormones is that they are bad for you, even lethal” and that he “would never put anything dangerous like that” in his body.

“To be clear,” he added, “I have never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs. I have never injected myself or had anyone inject me with anything.”

During that hearing, McGwire, by then retired, repeatedly declined to answer questions about possible drug use, saying he was not there to talk about the past. His statements were widely viewed as an admission of guilt, and since then he has had little involvement with baseball except for privately serving as a hitting tutor for several major leaguers.

At that same hearing, Palmeiro pointed his finger at committee members as he said: “I have never used steroids. Period.” Five months later, he was suspended for 10 games as a result of a positive steroids test."

Could this whole thing be more obvious? How the hell did Sosa outlast Palmeiro and McGwire by 4 years?? Is he some kind of media genius? His case was the most obvious of all... What did we pay congress to do about this again? What a fucking joke.


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