Monday, June 8, 2009

The TPC becomes a man

My best friend, the infamous TPC, got married last night.

It was awesome.

Some highlights from the filthy jew-fest:

Propeller Nami snapped off the helicopter:

Gets funnier every time.

DZ rides the Horse with no hands, muzzle:

I was pretty sure DZ was going to die.

Only for the TPC would the big guy don a Wrigley jersey (although I've got tons of vendor pride). Note - I'm not the dirty mexican on the left...

Grow a goddamn mustache already...

The Mouth does a pretty good Billy Joel:

Pex (aka The Mouth) after a few too many Goose Islands...

On a sidenote, we were honestly REALLY FUCKING CLOSE to renting an actual goat to show up at the wedding. It would have been insane. Instead, we got a Horse, which is never a let down.

Haaaaaaas! (Yes, he was an actual cheerleader)

So, here's to you TPC.

Happy wedding, enjoy the remaining doldrums of married life.

Twitter my balls.



This is funny.


Ba said...

I love it that your job is actually paying to do this.

The TPC said...

Wow! I am speechless, this post is incredible. All you loyal dong minions, fear not, god forbid if anything would've happened, Gepetto was in a safe house deep in the ozarks in order to make sure the dong lived on.

Keggs- You are the man

Keggers said...

It's a good thing we instituted that rule that forbids all 3 of us to be in the same place at the same time.

No comments on Horse in the cheerleader outfit?

Gepetto said...

I'm a little upset that you found another blonde oaf to stand in for me.

Calling him Horse just makes it hurt more...

The TPC said...

The horse pic is priceless, im a little disappointed he didnt wear it at the wedding.