Friday, June 19, 2009

Shut Your Face

Props to the TPC for showing classic "Cubs-Fan" mentality. You took ONE game, and it was a squeaker. The game should have been yet another "L" for the Loveable Losers, but due to some brilliant managerial work by Ozzie (read: DO NOT LET THORNTON PITCH MORE THAN ONE INNING. EVER. JESUS!), you get off with a squeaker and a split series.

You think this gives you bragging rights? This gives you nothing. You have a win. A simple "+1" to that ever depressing "W" column. Brian Anderson has better numbers than your big FA acquisition of the offseason (AND Brian Anderson was hurt too, so no excuses), AJ Pierzynski has better numbers than your "Rookie of the year" catcher, and Bartolo Colon (yes THAT guy) has started more games than big-name Rich Harden.

You have done absolutely nothing to be proud of. You squeaked out a lucky win. Bravo. Way to win with skill, passion, and good fundamentals...oh wait! Didn't you win because of an error by the 2B? Yeah, that's right.

Oh, and as for "why the Cubs aren't the best ever", this team just isn't that good. Admit it. I don't want to hear the "Wah, we don't have Aramis Ramirez" excuse, because we've got it just as bad with Carlos Quentin - your team is just bad. Kill yourselves.

So TPC, you can pretend that your Cubs have done something to be proud of, but if you're going to search every nook and cranny for some semblance of Cubs pride, you might as well just bend over and take a hypodermic needle in the ass to go along with your corked bat.


The TPC said...

Notice the full stands, its been a packed house since 1908.

Go Cubbies, sox are under .500 and can suck my ass.

Emily Attackz said...
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Emily said...

I hate the Cubs more than I hate the rest of the AL Central, Republicans, and Communists combined! At least they'll never make it past the first round of the playoffs again.

This helps too...