Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Flinstones vitamins and lots of hard work


I am SO surprised right now.

Apparently, someone started a rumor that Slammin' Sammy Sosa used steroids during his HR barrage over the last decade and now the media is COMPLETELY FABRICATING some kind of "test result" from 2003 to turn public opinion against him.

I am so upset. This is totally unexpected.

For someone who praised the lord with kisses after every home run, who corked his bat ONLY to provide entertainment during batting practice and proved to be such an admirable role model in his friendly competition with that steroid abuser McGwire, this is borderline slander.

I guess nobody is safe in todays internet-savvy world, filled with attention seeking bloggers and desperate media - even a true model athelete like Sammy Sosa.

Oh, one more thing:


You fucking dirty, cheating, lying, stupid sack of shit. I've hated you since the White Sox cleveland steamed your contract onto the Cubs. I hated you even more when you started magically crushing thousands of home runs to go along with your billions of strikeouts. I hated you most of all when you got caught with a corked bat WHILE TAKING STEROIDS and had the AUDACITY to pretend like you weren't cheating. "Oh, so sorry, I don't speak english so well, suddenly can't understand you."

I despise Sammy Sosa, always have, always will. When he goes to jail for lying in federal court, I hope he gets to bunk with Helen the circus giant.


The TPC said...

Nice post keggsquad.

As a life long cubs fan this is difficult to swallow. Not that I didnt know he was roiding but the overall effect this and other incidents like it have on baseball.

Another question comes to mind, can you root for a player on your team if you know he is cheating?

One final note, I cant wait for konerko to come out and admit hes been roiding for years. Everyone knows hes been stuffing his pants for years to hide his roid induced baby dick and baby balls.

Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Wow dude...tell us how you really feel.