Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speaking of Twitter

Today's Twitter-related stupidity comes from Dong reader David Gonos (check out his stuff at Open Sports).

Twitter has become an athlete’s way of skipping the media altogether and communicating directly with their fans. The cynic in all of us knows that this is just a marketing tool, but the spectator in us enjoys the random non-retractable comments we might otherwise never have read.

Little did you know, though, that Twitter has actually been around for almost a century now, and has only recently become mainstream. I took time to do some deep research, and I came up with the 10 best “tweets” you might have missed over the past 100 years.

10. BostonBillBuck: big win last night, up 3 games to 2, headed to shea! curse of bambino almost over!!!

9. SD_GM-Beathard: Didn’t want Peyton anyway – can’t win the big game. Leaf will domin8!

8. THE_REAL_BABE: Hey Boston, how my ass taste?

7. Charlie_Hustle14: Hunch --gonna beat the Dodgers by 1.5 runs tonight. ;-)

6. OJuice: Ugh, bad day. Bronco got dirty, ruined Bruno Magli’s, lost a glove, almost missed flight and got just five McNuggets. Is it Friday yet?

5. Bonds40-40: #FF @JCanseco, @RogerRocket, @A-Rod_Money, @BALCO, @CaminitiKen, @Pettitte_Pitcher, @Big_Giambi

4. FavreQB4: Montana to KC!? Come on, Joe! Ur a legend, know when to hang it up!

3. Georgia_Peach: Baseball has gone to hell. :-( RT @JackieRobinson_42: Guess who’s playing 2B for the Dodgers!?!!!

2. CoryLidle1972: Tweeting @ 5000 feet, LOL - This is gr

1. Stilt_Wilt: 10,000!!!!!!! :-)

No. 2, tasteless, I know. Going to hell, yadayada.

I still think that we're missing a couple of Chicago-based ones. Namely...

motherf#$%@ing_oz: counting the days until I can bench @ghetto_anderson for @dewayne_is_wise.

what a weekend! wtf...did i just wake up in denver?

@andres_johnson cant wait to show the cheerleaders here my deep ball

da_coach4ever: @jesus choose your god.

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