Monday, June 15, 2009

Cubs Vs Sox

It's on.

It's rivalry week bitches!!

Call it whatever you want: The Crosstown Classic, The Windy City Showdown, Red Line Rivalry, City Series, Expressway Series, or Crosstown Showdown - this is the best part of baseball season (especially for the Cubs fans, who really don't get to enjoy the postseason).

The all time crosstown series is tied at 33-33 and the Sox are currently enjoying a 3 game win streak dating back to last season.

This season, the Sox are 30-34 (.469) and the Cubs 30-30 (.500)

These games are emotionally draining and can have a powerful effect on the rest of both teams respective seasons. The series has a playoff-like atmosphere and the pressure is intense. Both teams hate each other, both fan bases hate each other and bragging rights will last until next year.

There is a useless poll on ESPN comparing both teams at each position ( As of right now, the Sox are dominating almost every position (as they should be). A few surprises - Konerko over Lee? Lilly over Floyd? - but nothing too crazy.

I'll always remember vending at those games... I'd make around $5.00 because I'd spend the whole time watching (instead of selling). Totally worth it. I'll also remember the vicious anti-Sosa strikeout/steroid/baby dick heckling at Comisky. Real nuggets of wisdom.

Outside of the Barrett/Pierzynski fiasco, does anyone have any great memories?



Henry said...

I remember freezing my ass off in 2007 (horrible year) at wrigley field. AJ came up and launched a grand slam off Neal Cotts. It was hilarious especially cuz I was with a Cubs fan we all know.

EPilnock said...
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EPilnock said...

In 2006, on the northside, top of 9th, 2 outs, 2 strikes, AJ puts one over the wall to put the sox up by 2 (i think, but i was drunk)... cubs fans start boo-ing (to be expected) and proceed to throw trash on to thier OWN delayed 20 minutes to clear ends, sox win.

Fisting Andrew Golota said...

I remember this one time when we were kids... Uncle Leo took me into the basement with him, and he took his pants off. Then he said he'd give me a quarter if I touched his wiener.

Oh meant memories about the Cubs/Sox thing. Fuck that, I don't like sports.

Keggers said...

What about Tadahito Iguchi game winning RBI in 07? I think it was 07... I love the gooch.

I also miss Mr. Zero, GONG, Shingo Takatsu.

(I love asians.)