Friday, September 5, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Embarassment?

Blogger is stupid and has trouble with GIF's

We may not be playing the Packers, but the Colts aren't going to be any easier. If there were an image of Peyton getting a handjob from Kyle Orton (and there probably would be if Peyton visited more nightclubs), I would have animated that instead.

We're facing a Colts team that's remarkably similar to the one that kicked our ass in the superbowl...except that we got much worse since then. Orton, as much as I love him, doesn't looks like he wants to "Throw the longball" (unless that's a new drink). With our shoddy WR corps and turnstile offensive line, we'll be lucky to put up 10 points.

Likewise, our defense has looked like absolute shit. Mike Brown is actually PLAYING thus far, and he has historically had the Scott Linebrink effect on the Bears (read: Bears are unstoppable when Brown plays - not so much when he doesn't) - but I have yet to see anything this year to justify that.

Final score? Colts 24, Bears 10.

I'll go start looking for that image of Peyton and Kyle now...

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