Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Light of the Konerko Injury...

Sssssss...AHHHHHH! Sssss....AHHHHHHH!

Well, we're fucked.

First Contreras, then Linebrink, then Crede, then Quentin, and now Konerko. Oh, and Getz was playing with a broken wrist, too. I'm starting to think this is divine payback for the injury-free season that was 2005. Either way, the prognosis is an optomistic "out for the season." What the hell is the pessimisstic prognosis? Out for life?

Look for Swisher to take over 1B full time occasionally switching for Bourgois - or maybe even Thome/Dye. Outfield will likely be Anderson, Griffey, and Dye, with Wise and Owens filling in more often than I'd like.

So, to take our minds off the pain (and further tie in the Family Guy joke I made in the caption), here's Seth McFarlane's new gig. Essentially, it's Family Guy without the whole "plot thing." The manatees have gained control!

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