Friday, September 26, 2008


Search for "Benson" on google and this is the first image result. It's also a great excuse to post a picture of an attractive female over an overweight alcoholic former NFL player.

Apparently the two seperate grand jury trials refused to indict CedB on his BWI or his DWI.

"I appeared before two grand juries yesterday and finally got the chance to tell my side of the story," the former University of Texas player said in a statement Friday. "I am grateful that the grand jurors agreed that I did not commit any crimes."

Wait, so, 2 grand juries in TEXAS decided not to indict a former local football hero, despite his obvious history (arrested as a student at U Texas in 2003 on a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge and arrested in 2002 on misdemeanor drug and alcohol charges).

In response to whether his status as a well known sports figure in Austin, TX played a factor in the ruling, Travis County Attorney David Escamilla unequivocally denied it stating very clearly and forcefully:

"Sometimes it's to his benefit and sometimes it's not," Escamilla said. "We call them as we see them."

Wait, what the fuck does that even mean? Total fucking joke. I mean, I like Cedric, I think he's a hell of an athelete but let's call a spade a spade- the guy is a fucking idiot and avoided serious prison time because he was tried in his hometown and played for Texas. I wonder if he played for the Texans, if he would have even gotten arrested at all.

I'm not a big fan of atheletes getting special privleges (they get enough as it is with the million dollar contracts and crazy bonuses), even when their ex-Bears. I read this story a long time ago about Jerramy Stevens and it's honestly disturbing. A little long but worth the read and some real insight into the privledged lives of pampered superstars.

I also picked Stevens up on my fantasy team this week. I'm hoping that he's stored up all his rape energy and uses it to score a touchdown for me. I also wouldn't mind too much if he got hit by a truck on his way to the game (as long as there is enough time for me to pick up another TE before gametime, obviously).

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