Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busting Out All Over


OK, so maybe it wasn't the best day for Ed Hochuli, but this is ridiculous. For those of you that are unaware, Hochuli made a poor choice that allowed Jay Cutler (who had only moments ago fumbled away the football) a second chance to win the game after calling his fumble an incomplete pass.

We get it, he fucked up. Still, why am I seeing national news coverage of Hochuli being "graded down," or pointing out that he hasn't worked a Broncos game in 7 years because he was unfair to them in 2001, and now he's overcompensating? The guy made an initial bad call by whistling the play dead (not a great view, and it was a pretty unlikely fumble scenario), and then the rules of the NFL prevented him from overturning it. He called it a fumble himself! It's not like he refused to see the play in review - there was just nothing he could do after initially whistling it dead. The call stands, the Broncos get the ball, and have to go back and earn that winning TD (they do - and go for 2!)

More importantly, why is Hochuli getting coverage at all? Off the top of my head, I can think of one ref more deserving of death threats and media exposure:

Phil Luckett

Now HERE'S a guy with a track record! While Hochuli is well known for being Brett Favre's personal statician and bodyguard, Luckett has been in all sorts of trouble:

- 1998 Seahawks bs Jets. Vinny Testaverde pulls a QB sneak on 4th down, and Head Linesman Earnie Frantz ruled that Testaverde scored (even though the ball did not cross the plane). As a result, Luckett receieved bad press for over a week about how he blew the game. It's his fault and he doesn't even make the call!

- 1999 Thanksgiving game between Steelers and Lions. With the game headed into OT, Luckett preps the coin toss. Jerome Bettis calls "Tails." Luckett thinks he says "Heads," and awards the ball to the Lions - who promptly drive downfield and score. Oops.

- 2000 "Music City Miracle" between Bills and Titans. Titans throw a lateral pass that appears to go forwards in a crazy play that results in a game-winning touchdown for the Titans. The Bills believe the pass was a forward pass, nullifying the play (and giving them the win). Luckett steps in to review...and rules it was perfectly parallel, and therefore a legal pass. Bills fans everywhere watch Marshawn Lynch play college ball for the next 5 months.

And these are just the first things that come to mind for Luckett - frankly, I'm too lazy to do any real research here. Besides, we all know that according to Hawk Harrelson, whoever is the ump when they walk a batter is responsible for "the worst umpiring call ever."

Got a better candidate for worst ref? Post below.

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Joseph said...

phill lucket that coin flip mishap in Detroit on thanksgiving day in 2000 when he couldnt tell what the call was he didnt just get graded dow he got a demotion and was punished worse the hoculli he got banished to being a side judge.