Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sox starting to smell bad...

After taking it in the butt from Cliff Lee last night, the White Sox lost their fourth game in the last five and fell into a tie with Minnesota for first place in the AL Central.

Minnesota has an east schedule the rest of the way and the best Sox hitters are starting to cool down (Quentin, Ramirez). The Sox have been held to nine runs in their last five games, batting .191 over that stretch.

Part of me wants to believe we're doing the rope-a-dope from 05, where we lose the division lead in the last month of the season and almost crap our pants, eek out a playoff spot and then win the World Series. Another part of me knows this team is just not as good and doesn't have the same chemistry. It's tough to rally behind hired help like Cabrera and Griffey and root for guys you know aren't going to be around next season (Crede, Uribe). All of our super-likeable guys are hurt or suck (Konerko, Contreras, Swisher, Anderson).

Losing to Boston last week basically crushed our chances of winning the Wild Card as well.

So... here are some things you CAN root for over the final stretch of the season:

1) Making the playoffs. We may not go far, but we can certainly keep Minnesota out for another year. And fuck them, that's why.

2) Quentin for MVP. The dude is an absolute horse. Good ESPN link here.

3) Uribe bats over .250 by the end of the season. He's at .238 right now and (sadly)heating up!

4) Prospects: Getz, Owens, MacDougal, Wassmerman. Nothing too exciting there, Getz has a chance to be useful as IF utility.


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Gepetto said...

You're an idiot.

First of all, Getz as utility? Try "Getz as starting 2B in 2009." Cabrera is as good as gone, which moves Ramirez to SS (his "natural" position).

Second, since when is MacDougal a prospect? We traded for him in 2006, watched him suck in 2007, and banished him to the minors this year while paying his salary.

I think this quote sums it up:
"I had a good season," said MacDougal, who will be paid $2.65 million next season. "Good times."