Friday, September 26, 2008

Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit

I cannot fucking believe this. Ozzie knows our bullpen sucks, so what does he do? He tries to compensate by using our only two functional bullpen members for 5 innings. It is common knowledge that Thornton cannot work more than one inning (sent out to pitch two innings), and Jenks more than two (sent out for three innings) - especially when these guys have been overworked as of late to compensate for our shitty bullpen. Why Ozzie left Jenks in for three innings is beyond me.

Result? Loss in extra innings, Twins sweep. Kill me now.

Are we fucked? Probably.

The Twins officially lead by .5 games now, and finish up the season at home against the hapless Royals. You can expect that the Twinkies will take two out of three, minimum. The Sox play the Indians at home, and the Indians LOVE to play spoiler and make our lives miserable.

Assuming that the Sox manage to stay within a half game of the Twins at season's end (either .5 games up or down), the Sox will play a makeup game against the Tigers. If the Sox are more than .5 games ahead or behind the Twins at season's end, the Tigers game doesn't mean shit and the Twins take the division.

Assuming that the Sox play the makeup game with the Tigers (removing a half-game differential) and move into a tie with the Twins, there is a one-game playoff between the Sox and Twins for the playoff berth.

Sadly, with our current game plan, I don't think we'll be getting to that point.

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