Monday, September 8, 2008

Dong And Pony Show Contest 2: Shockwave

For our last Dong & Pony Show giveaway, we asked our readers to submit a thoughtfully written essay concerning...Dog the Bounty Hunter. As you can imagine, the results were not as intellectually stimulating as we had hoped (except for the guy who actually won -- you RULE, dude). So this week, we're gonna try something a little different.

Our giveaway this time is a DVD of The History Channel's SHOCKWAVE, Season 1. For those who are unaware, the back of the box says that SHOCKWAVE "creates astonishing three-dimensional models that help us understand how--and why--some of the world's most awe-inspiring catastrophes happened." So........

TO WIN: We want to know how and why YOUR most awe-inspiring catastrophe happened. Specifically: the nastiest, most foul dump you've ever taken. Give us details. We want to know if it was nutty or runny. We want to know what color it was. What it smelled like. If there was bits of peanuts in there, or maybe blood. We want to know what you ate that day. Photos are encouraged. Entries can be emailed to Post or E-Mail your answers by THURSDAY MORNING at 8:00 AM (CT)- winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.

WINNERS: A "Shockwave: Season 1" DVD, and raffle ticket for
Dong and Pony Show grand prize (whatever the hell that is).

RUNNER UPS: Raffle ticket for
Dong and Pony Show grand prize.

REMEMBER: The more people that enter this contest, the more stuff we can give away to you, our loyal readers, in the future. This is Chicago, people -- vote early, vote often. And tell your friends/enemies/parole officer as well.


Gepetto said...

I'm forwarding all of these entries to your work address so that you can dissect the true meaning behind our reader feces. Enjoy.

Fisting Andrew Golota said...

Dammit...I was hoping you wouldn't have noticed that I put your email in there.